The Discipline of ‘Giving Thanks for all things’

November 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

in-everything-give-thanks-fall-printable-744x1024Thanksgiving can be a fun and stomach-filling holiday but having a Thankful Heart is a central Christian virtue to be continuously “fed.”

Here are some great quotes to ruminate on – so to speak!

“The worst moment for an atheist is when he has a profound sense of gratitude and has no one to thank.” ~Dante Gabriel Rosetti

“We ought to give thanks for all fortune (circumstances): if it is “good,” because it is good, if “bad” because it works in us patience, humility, and… the hope of our eternal country.”  ~C.S. Lewis

“To believe in Jesus Christ means to become thankful!” ~K. Barth

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” ~G.K. Chesterton

“The mark of mature spirituality Is Gratitude. The root of ‘thankful’ is ‘thought’” ~Kathleen Norris

“Joy is a heart full and a mind purified by gratitude.” ~Marietta McCarty

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  ~William Arthur Ward

“Being a Christian doesn’t in any way lesson suffering; but rather enables us to face it, take it, work through it, and eventually to convert it.” ~Terry Waite (Anglican envoy who was held hostage for 4 years in Lebanon)

“The Holy Spirit is in the business of transforming circumstances into character.”

“Glory to God for all things.” ~John Chrysostom, last words

The recent sermon on the “Giving Thanks” disciplne is available here. 

“Giving thanks honors God, builds character and overflows in generosity.”


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