Biblical Submission in Cultural Context

May 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

yolo2In our study of 1 Peter, we’re doing a mini-series called YOLO – or – What will you do with the rest of your life? We began with the often misunderstood passage in 3:1-7. It can sound archaic and out of touch to modern ears, but when understood in context – it is revolutionary, then and now!  I invite you to compare the Christ Church sermon, The Cross Shaped Family, with this blog post from Rachel Held Evans.  I have recently started following her very thorough and studied blog and came across this post on our text in 1 Peter and related passages. It tracks perfectly with my own study and will give you more food for thought.

Here is the link to her post called: Submission in Context: Christ and the Greco-Roman Household Codes

Enjoy! Let’s help the world see true biblical submission and true servant leadership for the gifts that they are.

I’ll leave you with the question I asked our church community to consider:
Who is the person closest to you that God is calling you to serve sacrificially – in the way of Jesus ‘Cross-shaped love?’


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