More Tough Questions – A Video Discussion

April 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

As a sequel to our Tough Questions series, I came across this video of a great discussion between John Ortberg and outgoing Fuller Seminary President, Richard Mouw (author of Uncommon Decency who coined the term we’ve used often: ‘Convictions with Civility.’)  It was held at Ortberg’s Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California.


It is a brief, free-flowing discussion on questions like:
“What does ‘Evangelical’ mean?”
“What is the significance of the Cross of Christ and why is it so central?”
“Is Mormonism Christian?”
“Why Should the Bible Be Viewed as Trustworthy?”
“How Can We Talk About Human Sexuality in a Biblical and Civil Way?”
“How Do We Dialog with Others with Convicted Civility?”
“How Do Christians understand and talk about Hell with Others?”
“How Do we interpret the Bible in passages that describe violence?”
“What is God Waiting for Before He Comes Back?”
“What Do you See around the World Gives You Hope?”

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