3 Podcasts that Strengthen My Life as a Leader!

April 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

PODCASTI was asked recently for recommendations on podcasts. In this post, I’ll focus on podcasts that I’ve found helpful to jumpstart or strengthen my life as a Leader.

(In future posts, I’ll share some favorite podcasts, blogs and apps that I find especially helpful in my spiritual growth and ministry.)

1. This is Your Life, by Michael Hyatt
Hyatt is former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and is now one of the foremost writers and speakers on leadership, especially as relates to building a “Platform” through blogging and social media, etc.  His podcast is connected into his website and blogsite that is topnotch.  His points are always thorough and practical.

2. EntreLeadership, by Dave Ramsey
I’m relatively new to this podcast but it is great. Ramsey’s team brings well known leaders from various disciplines and fields for pointed strategic conversations. It is one of the top podcasts on iTunes in the business and leadership category.

3. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
Stanley is pastor of North Point Community Church and a great communicator and leader. Not just for church leaders. Click on this iTunes link for a description and some of the titles.

TITLES YOU WOULD ADD? Leave a comment.

NEW TO PODCASTS? To download a podcast, you only need a computer with an Internet connection and podcast software (which you’ll need to install). Apple’s iTunes is one such program that is popular for downloading and listening to podcasts. You can easily listen to podcasts on smartphones or other devices with mp3 players.

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