Psalmody, part 8 – Tell me how you really feel!

November 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

In the Biblical Thought class that I teach at URI, I give an assignment after covering the Psalms and Wisdom books of the Old Testament. I ask each student to write a “psalm.” It can be a prayer, a poem, a rant, or a first person paraphrase of a biblical Psalm.  I want them to experience some of the honesty expressed by the writers of the Psalms – “right in front of God!” To help them grasp the personal nature of the Word of God.

Here is a poem – I understand later put to music – written by one of my students, Seth.  He is a bio-medical engineering major and it reflects his response to the question of how science and faith are compatible.

God is in the Science

From the orbit of the farthest planets
To the workings of the smallest cell
God is there.

In the burning power of the stars;
In the soft, fragrant heat of a candle;
God is there.

The roar of the lion, the rumble of the earth;
The trill of a flute, the rustle of the leaves;
God is there.

In the force of a collision,
In the softness of a kiss,
Is He not there?

For surely He has planned their workings;
The Lord God has devised their mechanisms.
For all we know, everything mankind has discovered,
All things were set in place by Him.

Yes, even the thoughts of man, traveling through his brain,
And how he walks, and sits, and speaks;
The whole of Creation, in its vastness and diversity;
These too were crafted by God.

So give Him praise, wise men!
Sing to God, collectors of knowledge!
For from Him is all you have learned,
And from His words did your learning come forth.

The library of His knowledge is infinite;
None have catalogued the wisdom of the Lord.
So let us praise Him;
Let us praise the Lord till His archive is full!

__ Seth Crino (used by permission)


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