Psalmody, part 4 – ‘Honest to God!’

September 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Christian counselor and author Larry Crabb has said that in dealing with our emotions, we must “be honest with ourselves and with God, subordinating the expression of our emotions to the will of God.” The Psalms help us greatly with the honesty part. Here is one of my all time favorite quotes about the importance of daily reading and praying the Psalms, from Kathleen Norris:

You come to the Bible’s great “book of praises” through all the moods and conditions of life, and while you may feel like the pits, you sing anyway. To your surprise, you find that the Psalms do not deny your true feelings but allow you to reflect on them, right in front of God and everyone.

They remind us that the mundane and the holy are linked. The Psalms make us uncomfortable because they don’t let us deny – either the depth of our pain or the possibility of its transformation into praise. We commit ourselves to being changed by the Psalms, allowing the words to work on us, and sometimes to work us over. The Psalms are unrelenting in their realism. They ask us to consider our true situation and to pray over it. They ask us to be honest about ourselves.

From Cloister Walk, Kathleen Norris


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