‘Psalmody’ part 1 – Christ in the Psalms

September 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Isaac Watts’ Psalter

This summer I taught the morning sessions at Pilgrim Pines family camp in NH for a week in July. My theme was, Psalmody: Experiencing Christ in the Psalms.  These teachings are currently available for downloading here.

I’m going to do several posts sharing some of the quotes I collected and shared that week.  I’ll send the 6 page pdf of the teaching handout to anyone who requests it. You can  email your request directly.

First, here’s my simple definition of Psalmody. It’s the systematic, continuous reading and praying of the Psalms (whether saying or singing; whether alone or liturgically). The first quote is from a wonderful Orthodox teacher and acquaintance, Patrick Reardon…

We may start by observing that two things happen in the Book of Psalms: First, God is spoken about. This is already the case in the first two psalms, during the course of which He is never directly addressed. God is not invoked at all until Psalm 3. Indeed, many lines of the Psalter are statements about God and the things of God. Second, in many places in the Psalter, God is spoken to. This dominating feature of prayer is what makes the Book of Psalms unique in the Bible’s Wisdom literature.

…Pocket Bibles, containing only the New Testament and the Psalms, embody an ancient and deep insight of the Christian faith that sees the Psalter almost as part of the New Testament itself.

Christ is the referential center of the Book of Psalms…(see Luke 24:44-47)

– Patrick Henry Reardon, Christ in the Psalms.



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