Sunset Gospel

August 13, 2012 — 2 Comments

I’ve witnessed many beautiful sunsets over the summer. One evening I drove to the end of Jamestown Island. Dozens of people had the same idea. My mind suddenly got caught up in the question, “Why are we as people so universally captivated by sunsets?” I’d be interested in your thoughts. I started to scribble notes that morphed into this late night poem…

Sunset Gospel

Many souls join me for solitude
on the rocky shore this evening;
the point they call Beaver Tail.

The Lighthouse sounds,
like a mellow horn piercing through
the surround-sound waves.

Sunsets create a cosmic following!
Everywhere, every day, the rock star
puts on a show!

Just the planet turning, really;
but the Light still dances
in our earth-bound eyes.

From a million miles away
it paints pictures to die for
on every shore and mountain top;

Adored by all
who awe and wonder
from where such beauty rises.

The longing crowd stares in long silence,
to watch the icon leave the stage;
silent standing ovation; deafening peace.

What draws humanity
to paint and post as if
we’d never seen this scene before?

Can we not get enough
of that beauty
we were made for?

The true light, which gives light to everyone,
was coming into the world.
John 1:9

Copyright 2012 – Lyle Mook


2 responses to Sunset Gospel


    I am reminded of each sunset I eagerly watched while vacationing on an island in the middle of Lake Winniapasawkee NH- The hand made sign on the porch wall reads;
    “Peace is seeing a beautiful sunset and knowing Who to thank”
    I could feel Beavertail, by the line “surround sound waves”and I listened for the horn, I listened for the sunset but felt the colors awakening my soul.
    Welcome to the Light of Him dawning in this new Chapter of your life.
    Deborah Jones

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