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May 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Following Christ is not a part-time job! Being a disciple of Jesus is a seven-days-a-week calling that we take with us to work and play; to family and community.  Work (or school for all you students) is a primary medium through which we offer ourselves to God!

Easier said than done!  As with all the areas of our ‘Rule of Life,’ we need the power of the Spirit and the help of the Christian community.  Here are some on-line resources.

Christ Church sermon from 4-29-12, A Game Plan for Faith @ Work

Michael Hyatt’s blog and podcasts and many other resources are very practical.
Here is one on Work-Life Balance: you can access a transcript or listen to the podcast.

Faith at Work  and The High Calling (more developed)  are two sites with multiple resources and regular articles.

Here is a kind of “Ordination to Faith at Work” which we said together at the close of a sermon on A Game Plan for Faith @ Work. (adapted from Our World Belongs to God, par. 48)

The Spirit calls all members of the church community
to embrace God’s mission
in our neighborhoods
and in the world.
Our work itself is a calling from God.

We work for more than wages
and manage for more than profit
so that mutual respect
and the just use of goods and skills
may shape the workplace.
While we earn or profit,
we love our neighbors by providing
products and services.
In our global economy
we advocate meaningful work
and fair wages for all.
Out of the Lord’s generosity to us,
we give freely and gladly
of our money and time.
We don’t work simply to live;
we live to serve God through our work.

Glory to God in ALL things!


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