‘Not by Bread Alone’ – Serious Bible Reading (and Listening)

January 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

The new year is always a great time to be more intentional – and for the Christian disciple, that includes increased reading and meditating on the Word of God.  Here are a few resources to check out if you don’t already have a plan.

Audio Plan
I’ve just started the 40 day Audio version of Biblica’s Books of the Bible, NT.  Cheryl, our Assoc. Pastor has introduced  the use of this format in a Sunday class and a midweek group.  This unique way of reading or listening to the whole NT without chapter breaks opens up the text in wonderful ways.  Read about it here and download the audio version that can be made into an audio book on iTunes. (This is the NIV – 2011 version)

Apps for Smart Phones/tablets, etc.
The world’s most used Bible app is the YouVersion (Managed by LifeChurch, an Evangelical Covenant church).  In addition to multiple versions – many that can access audio – there are dozens of reading plans available of varying lengths, topics, etc. Look here for an overview.  It is also available on any computer.

Printed Plans 
Of course there are many plans you can print out and have on good ol’ paper!
Robert Murray M’Cheyne was a Scottish pastor whose reading plan has become well known and appreciated.  It is available in many formats here.

The Psalms continue to be a staple of my reading – working through the Psalter monthly in various ways.  The important thing is to ruminate frequently in this great “Prayer Book of the Bible.” One early church saint said that the spirit of acedia (or spiritual apathy) must be cast out, mainly by prayer and psalmody (praying the Psalms as a spiritual exercise)

Our new series called Game Plan will introduce much more on “Intentional Discipleship” including the essential discipline of saturating our minds in the Scriptures!


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