How ‘Secure’ am I?

May 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

At Christ Church this month we’re exploring Matthew 18 around the theme of “Life Together: Jesus and Relationships.”  Healthy relationships begin with childlikeness.  (Not that children are our models for selflessness and humility, but taking the humble place of a child in how we see ourselves.) Being secure in the arms of God’s love energizes us to love without manipulation or other selfish motives. (see here for the sermon)

Donald Miller says it well:  even our doing good can be twisted:

 “When we meditate on how much God loves us instead of on how loving we are, we tend to love others selflessly out of a feeling of completion, while if we meditate on how much we love others in order to get them to love us back, we love others out of a sense of compulsion or need. The same is true for our righteousness. When we think about how good we are, we may no longer be good. Instead, we can think about how good God is, and how much we are loved by Him, and then just live in the overflow of those truths. It’s tricky, but one is a prison and the other is freedom.”
(read his whole blogpost) 

Ask: How does growing more secure in my relationship with Christ impact all my other relationships?


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