Parenting: A ‘Blessed Burdens’ Bibliography

January 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

In light of our teaching on Blessed Burdens: Parenting Through The Stages of Life [The audio and notes will be available on line,] here is a brief bibliography of resources.

The Space Between: A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Development

Walt Mueller, Youth Specialties.

The Parenting Book

Nicky and Lila Lee, ALPHA International, 2009

Very helpful and practical resource for the whole journey.  Available through ALPHA

Parenting Today’s Adolescent

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Nelson. Family Life.

Boundaries with Kids

Cloud and Townsend, Zondervan, part the series that began with the basic book on relationships (Boundaries).  They have books on all kinds stages and ages of life: marriage, dating, teens, etc.

When Your Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore: Parenting Late-Teen and Adult Children

Jerry and Mary White, Navpress, available used from Amazon, etc.

The Blessing

Smalley and Trent, Nelson.  A Classic on the impact of giving and receiving Blessing.

Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest

Rainey and Yates, Family Life.

The Five Love Languages of Children

Campbell and Ross, Northfield Pub.

Parents in Pain : Overcoming the Hurt and Frustration of Problem Children

John White, Intervarsity Press, 1979.  Still in print and for good reason.  Very good on biblical principles of parenting based on God’s ways with us.


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