C.S. Lewis and being Called into Communion with the Trinity

October 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

Matthew 3:13-17, Jesus’ Baptism, pulls back the veil for us on life in the Trinity.  Furthermore, as Christ-followers, we are called to join in that life.  The Eastern church, doesn’t use the words “sanctification” or “glorification” but rather Theosis or even divinization.  This is not heresy or taking on the essence of God but rather the Bible’s description of the goal of Christ-likeness.  In the sermon on this text, I quoted Kallistos Ware:

“Our Lord saves us by becoming what we are, by sharing totally in our humanity, thereby enabling us to share in what he is.  Thus through a reciprocal exchange of gifts he takes our humanity and communicates to us his divine life, reestablishing that communion between Creator and creation which sin has destroyed.”

You can listen to the sermon here. I’d like to also strongly recommend an article on C.S. Lewis that takes this theme further and gives wonderful insights into Lewis’ own spiritual life and how he sought to communicate the depth of Christian experience through all his varied writings.  It is well worth reading! It is a download from Emmaus Journal called “Shine as the Sun: C.S. Lewis and the Doctrine of Deification” that you can access by clicking here.

If you would like to hear the author, Chris Jensen, discuss the same topic, you can go to the Ancient Faith Radio Podcast called The Illumined Heart.


2 responses to C.S. Lewis and being Called into Communion with the Trinity


    Thanks for this! Much to “ruminate” on with the quote by Ware. What book is the quote from?


    Not sure. Could be in Payton, “Light From the Christian East.”

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