The Leadership Challenge Clarified

September 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

In the leadership literature, there are no more trusted names than Kouzes and Posner.  Their book The Leadership Challenge is a classic.  I was introduced in my Hospice Management days when we used their 360 degree performance evaluation tool in the organization I was a part of.  They have written for the Christian community too and we have often incorporated the principles in church leadership.

Their website is here.

Now they have written a smaller book called The Truth About Leadership.  Here is a glimpse of the fundamental ‘truths’ about leadership from their three decades of research and experience:

1. You make a difference. Leadership begins when you believe that!
2. Credibility is the foundation of leadership. You can’t follow someone you don’t believe in.
3. Values drive commitment. People want to know what you believe in.
4. Focusing on the future sets leaders apart.  It’ the capacity to imagine and articulate future possibilities.
5. You can’t do it alone.  Leaders engage others in the cause.
6. Trust Rules!  The level of trust others have in you determines the level of influence you have.
7. Challenge.  Exemplary leaders are always associated with challenging the status quo.
8. You either lead by example or you don’t lead at all!  That includes admitting and learning from mistakes.
9. The best leaders are the best learners.  Leaders are ‘constant improvement fanatics!’
10. Leadership is an affair of the Heart. ‘Love is the motivation that energizes leaders to give so much for others’ and to be gracious in showing encouragement and appreciation.




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