Disordered Anger: a quote and a poem

February 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

Jeff Cook defines Wrath (disordered anger) as “the love for  justice perverted into bitterness, revenge, and violence.”

We think we’re justified when we ‘loose it.’ We think we have a just cause, but the cause is usually a wrong goal at best or just our own ego at worst.  We need to get angry about the right things and be gentle reconcilers who are slow to anger – wounded healers – like Jesus.

George MacDonald was a writer who greatly influenced Tolkein, Lewis, and L’Engle.  He loved poetry and his spiritual poetry is deep and experiential.  He once wrote a poem every day for  year, and the 366 poems were compiled as “The Diary of an Old Soul.”  He encouraged readers to take a white page and write their own poems in response.  This poem is in the book shown here and speaks to the sin of wrath.

Keep me from wrath, let it seem ever so right:
My wrath will never work thy righteousness.
Up, up the hill, to the whiter than snow-shine,
Help me to climb, and dwell in pardon’s light.
I must be pure as thou, or ever less
Than thy design of me – therefore incline
My heart to take men’s wrongs as thou tak’st mine.

You can also hear the sermon, Beyond Anger Management, at the Christ Church Website.


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