Stories of God @ Work – @ Work!

October 18, 2009 — 3 Comments

This is your invitation to join an important conversation.  Tell us your stories of how you have seen God use your everyday work in His mission to the world!  Or in light of the teaching from the I Am The Church series, how God’s Spirit  is moving in you to “re-imagine” your work –  reflecting the beauty of God’s love and truth in new ways.  Scroll down and leave your story in the Comment section.

Here is a wonderful summary of the theology behind the teaching from a site called The High Calling of Our Daily Work, by a ministry led by Howard Butt.  This is a quote from an article on creating a beautiful work place.

…Beauty must be seen then as an aspect of God and God’s creation. Beauty is the light of God shining from within the created world. The fact that one person sees beauty where another doesn’t has to do with people’s different capacities, not the nature of beauty itself.

Why does all this matter? Because if we want to be followers of Christ, we need to join Christ in his work. Through his incarnation, public ministry, passion, resurrection, and ascension, Christ initiated a cosmic renewal. His victory over death began the restoration of God’s entire creation to a state even better than its original “goodness.”

In fact, we are invited to be co-creators with Christ in this work, as part of his living body within the world. That means performing (good, i.e.) beautiful deeds . . . from anointing the Savior’s feet with expensive perfume to building exquisite church sanctuaries….to helping widows, orphans, and prisoners; from constructing excellent architecture to putting together vital organizations; from decorating our homes attractively to creating a harmonious workplace.


3 responses to Stories of God @ Work – @ Work!


    On work

    This is a simple tale of working with and around people, most of whom are not followers of Christ.

    I enjoy many aspects of my job. Often I would say to myself, “This would be a fabulous job if it weren’t for the people.” God has made us to be part of community, and like it or not, working around people is the only way anything good happens!

    In the cycle of ‘putting time in’ (ie: making a living and staying with one company for many years): In the beginning everything is new and exciting, which is good. Thinking that, ‘Yes, I can make a difference here’. Then the attitudes of others start to creep into my being. Yuck, yuck and more yuck; the discontent with management wage freezes, etc. You get the picture. All of this starts to cloud my vision. I find it hard to put a smile on my face. Where has my joy gone? My feet feel like I’m wearing lead shoes. It becomes more and more difficult to move through the day; sort of like running while your in chest-deep water. But then, comes the series we are hearing at Christ Church about our call to be salt and light in our homes, work place, and our world. To find my identity and recognition in that,”Hey! I am a child of the King of Kings, with a call to be more than what the world sees, for our home is not of this world anyway.”

    Now, keeping this mindset, I find the troubles of the day aren’t so big, for nothing is going to happen that my Lord and I can’t handle. It’s great to have Him at the helm.


    I am a painter. God has blessed me with the ability and desire to create images and translate them the way I see them, and praise Him at the same time. When my paintings are on exhibit, people will ask me about the painting, it is then that God gives me the opportunity to witness His Grace and Glory.
    I have one series of Paintings called “HOPE AND GLORY”. The first of the series hangs in my home. All though there are many paintings hanging, this one is always talked about.
    The image is a beautiful bird. She is chained to the world. Her body shows the world holding on to her, she is in anguish. Everything she has is reaching for God, which is interpreted by a rainbow. The point I was tring to make in the painting is that no matter how bad things get while we are here on earth, we always have God, and we must keep our focus on Him. He is our HOPE!


    My job as a teacher intrinsically requires me to be in relationships. There is a team of teachers with whom I work, an extensive support staff for my special needs students, administrators who keep the flow going, and oh, yeah…the kids, the reason why we all are there! Knowing that my calling is to public schools forced me long ago to focus on the meshing of my life as a Christ follower and one of a public servant. Using those two terms helps to keep me ever aware that there is NO separation between church and state in my heart and world. So when there is a co-worker going through tough times, I tell them I will pray for them. I seek the Lord’s guidance daily when it comes to doing my job in a way that brings my students up to the next level in their learning process. I pray to keep a right attitude and cheerful countenance among my peers. And I certainly make good of many opportunities to give God credit for what He has been doing in me, and for me, in the work place and in my personal life. My co-workers have seen me in some shining moments, as well as in some where my humanness has been very evident… all of that is real, authentic, but so is the grace I have to give each day and the willinness to let Him work to get me through those not-so-stellar moments. Every day is a day to work as unto the Lord in an environment where He has placed me before others. This may all sound like I am tooting my own horn…far from it. My teaching abilities are absolutely a gift, and He has allowed me to hone them over the years. My success is not mine, but His. (You can’t work with middle schoolers and think for one minute you actually have any control!!) It is Him, and only Him, who has gotten me through these many years. It is He whom others see when they see my skills. I am His vessel, filled, and being spilled out as a spiritual act of worship where I work. I feel so blessed to be His hands and heart in my school.

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