Bach’s Bible

September 18, 2009 — 1 Comment
a page from Bach's Bible

a page from Bach's Bible

One of the exciting themes of our new teaching series, I am the Church, is that our everyday work is very much a part of the Mission of Christ. I came across this 3 minute video about the discovery of J. S. Bach’s personal Bible which laid to rest the question of whether or not he had a strong faith or just wrote great church music.  Take a look at this link from the Speaking of Faith website.


One response to Bach’s Bible


    Hi Lyle,

    Thanks for sharing this. My mother’s love for J.S. Bach’s music was passed along to me at a young age and his music has captivated me from a child. I remember going to a concert in San Jose CA in the 70’s that featured the reknown organist Virgil Fox. It was almost exclusively Bach pieces because Fox absolutely adored Bach and set him on a pedestal just below the Lord himself. I remember Fox launching into a tirade about the so called “scholars” who claimed that nothing could be read into Bach’s music concerning his own personal beliefs. Needless to say, Fox thought this was “rot” and how could one not contemplate the heavenly lyrics and music of the B Minor Mass and not be thoroughly convinced of Bach’s “soul cry”. Carmel CA (where I was born) also has an annual Bach festival that features some of the best musicians in the world devoting their talents to performing Bach’s Spirit inspired works. If you ever get the chance…GO! I look forward to meeting this marvelous man of God someday!

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