Dancing with the Trinity

July 12, 2009 — Leave a comment
Andre Rublev, 15th Cent Russia

Andre Rublev, 15th Cent. Russia

The goal of the Christian life is full communion with God!  “God became man that we might become like God.”  Variations on this quote permeate the Church Fathers. A modern day Orthodox bishop, Kallistos Ware describes the beauty and fullness of this truth:

“Our Lord saves us by becoming what we are, by sharing totally in our humanity, thereby enabling us to share in what he is.  Thus through a reciprocal exchange of gifts he takes our humanity and communicates to us his divine life, reestablishing that communion between Creator and creation which sin has destroyed.”

Another way to put it is the mysterious and wonderful truth that the Triune God invites us into the Divine dance of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  “The one God exists in three persons engaged in a single circling dance…” (Scott Cairns, Short Trip to the Edge)

The “Trinity Icon” – above – by Andre Rublev is considered by many to be the most beautiful work of iconography in the world.  If you are not familiar with this work, this link will describe some of the meaning behind the Trinity.  Click Here.


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