U2, Twitter, and What I did today

June 7, 2009 — 1 Comment

1zbf9cmSince you don’t particularly care “what I am doing  now”, I thought I’d tell you what I did earlier today!

I listened to one of my favorite podcasts as I went to the dump and other exciting things.  It’s The Kindlings Muse,  by Christian cultural observer Dick Staub.  Some really well done conversations with very sharp people on books and film and music in our culture.  This week is a discussion of U2’s new album, No Line On the Horizon. Whether you are fascinated or frustrated by Bono, like or dislike their music, you need to listen to this discussion.  It is a great window into the spiritual journey and vision of one of the most creative and dynamic social justice voices of our century.  This album is filled with intriguing re-frames of the redemption, hope and holy risk-taking needed by Christ followers in today’s world.  One of the songs is Unknown Caller that captures the hope of  new life in technology terms of “restart” and “reboot” and ourselves being the human “password” that still matters.  If you are an iTunes person – subscribe to this podcast.

Another thing I did was read the latest Time Magazine cover story on the Twitter phenomenon.  Before you right me off as advocating mindless, trivial, egocentricity, read this article – more to understand the changing times we are in and the neutrality of technology in itself.  It’s what we DO with it.  I’m preaching this week on John 15 and “abiding in the vine” – the need for Christ-followers to be in “Constant Connection” with Christ.  Any lessons  here?  What do you think?


One response to U2, Twitter, and What I did today

    Cheryl Lavornia June 8, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Hey, nice coverage and discussion of U2 by Dick Staub. Did you hear his “shout out” to you in the first coverage of Angels and Demons?

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