“The Jesus Way” Resources for the Book of John

January 19, 2009 — Leave a comment
fragment of John's Gospel

fragment of John's Gospel

From late  January to mid June ’09 we will be teaching on the Gospel of John at Christ Church.   We’re calling the series, The Jesus Way: John,  on Following Christ as a Way of Life.  Here are some resources. (click on the links below)

Sermon download page at the website, by date, beginning January 18, 2009. Each sermon entry has the audio download, power point slides,  and a new tool with questions and suggestions for going deeper. It’s called CSI (Community Sermon Investigation) It can be used for personal study, but is best suited for discussion in small group communities, families, or in the 11:30 Sunday class being offered.  Click on the document and open in Word.

Free audio files of the entire Gospel of John in the English Standard Version, at Cross Way Publishers.  Scroll down to “Samples.” You can download and then copy to a disc or mp3 player.

The best site for online translations is Bible Gateway. You’ll want this site readily available on your computer if it isn’t already.  You can compare translations and do word studies and much more.

There will be ongoing postings on this blog each week to supplement the teaching or give links to quotations and issues mentioned on Sunday.  Many of the links for my favorite sites are listed below the postings here.

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