Sabbath – Starting to Stop!

September 22, 2008 — Leave a comment

A new teaching series began September 28 at Christ Church.  We’re calling it, “SABBATH: Practicing the Art of Stopping.” You can always go to the index below titled “Categories” and find “Sabbath Series” to see all the blog posts related to the topic.  Make a comment and join the discussion.  The sermon audio downloads will be at the Christ Church website as usual.

We desperately need to learn and deepen the spiritual practices that come out of the Sabbath Principle.  The concept is not an optional add-on but foundational to the way God designed us to live.  These weeks will challenge our practice, not just our understanding.  So be prayerfully prepared to be transformed!  Here are the 6 topics in the series.

Sep 28 Re-learn The Sabbath Principle!

Sabbath gives humanity the energy it needs to exist for another week.

Oct 5 Re-focus Your Work!

Sabbath is when our work is done even if it isn’t.

Oct 12 Resist Consumption!

Sabbath is when we consume nothing.

Oct 19 Re-connect with Family and Community!

Sabbath is when we are fully available to ourselves and the people we love the most.

Oct 26 Rest in God’s Presence!

Sabbath is when we are still, silent, and fully available to God.

Nov 2 Re-create and Celebrate!

Sabbath is a day when our job is to enjoy – period.


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