Being a ‘Glocal’ Church in a Flat World

October 30, 2007 — Leave a comment

I believe the Spirit of God is re-invigorating the “Whole-Person” focus of Jesus that has characterized the best of Missions throughout church history.  Sunday at Christ Church, was week 7 of “So You Want To Change The World?”  (click here for teaching notes and audio download.)  We introduced the concepts of “flat world” and “Glocal = Global + Local” as they relate to the church.  I referenced a World Missions article from Mission Frontiers magazine out of the Center for World Mission.  All the articles from the Sept/Oct issue are available here on line.  I highly recommend the articles by Christopher Wright (“The Mission of God”)  and Ralph Winter (“The Future of Evangelicals in Misson.”)

I’ve had several conversations since Sunday about the joy and effectiveness of being NATURAL in our evangelism and serving.  We don’t tutor a child or rescue someone who is homeless and try to get a verbal witness to Christ into the first conversation.  Serving in Christ’s name is demonstration as well as proclamation.  We can trust that our authentic, Spirit-led love will naturally lead to questions and the longing for hope and faith.  (1 Peter 3:15)

Some have asked about Martin Luther’s comment on Matthew 25:37-40.  Here it is: 

“O dear Lord God!  How are we so blind that we don’t take such love to heart!  Who could have thought it up that God himself throws himself so deep down into our midst and accepts the works of all those who give themselves to the poor as though they were done for him.  Thus the world is full, full of God – in every alley,  before your door you find Christ.”   (Luther, Works, 12:1474)


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