Repentance- The Joyful Wake-up Call

October 1, 2007 — Leave a comment

49503191_shofar_blowing_basrelief_web.jpgMany thanks to Rabbi Amy Levin for loaning me her Shofar.  My trumpet playing days allowed me to pick up the nuances of the shofar sounds.  The audio tape of the Sunday, September 23rd teaching (including the shofar!) was titled The Joy of Repentance.  It is linked here for convenience.  Or go to the Christ Church site under Resources/ Sermon Archives for all sermons on audio as well as detailed notes for the current series, So You Want To Change The World?  This has been a week focusing on repentance.  As evangelicals, we have the tendency to talk about repentance or turning from sin and toward the Lord as something connected to initial conversion.  Like grace, it is so much more – and ongoing as we become more like Christ.  Here are some helpful links to go deeper:

For the Jewish backgrounds here are two programs you can access on line.  One is Speaking of Faith, one of the absolutey excellent programs and podcasts anywhere.  Linked  here is the program on Jewish Holy days with the Shofar info.

Another is Religion and Ethics News Weekly – again one I recommend for weekly updates on the world of religion and culture. Here is the link to an article and video link on a Shofar factory – detailing the meaning behind the sounds.

Frederica Mathewes-Green’s excellent article, Repentance: Both Door and Path,  can be accessed on her site.  Another of her articles that appeared in Christianity Today is Whatever Happened to Repentance.



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