The Elephant of Anger and Resentment

August 26, 2007 — Leave a comment

rembrandt-return-of-the-prodigal-son-13313.jpgThe teaching on resentment touched alot of nerves. You can download the morning and Sanctuary (evening) version – in which I shared much more personally about my own experiences – by going to the Christ Church sermon archives.  A summary of some definitions of resentment:

Resentment is “COLD ANGER” (hot anger can be over quickly)
Resentment is the “ANGRY VIRTUE” of self-righteous people.
Resentment is my anger that THINGS AREN’T HAPPENING THE WAY I WANT
Resentment is drinking poison and hoping the other person dies!”   Resentment builds up and sits there and gets so pervasive that we don’t know how angry we are and we’re not in touch with the fact that we’re unhappy, jealous, bound up.  We are deeply lost when we are resentful. Lost in a much deeper way. Much harder to heal.  It’s become a way of life – a way of being.

The book and painting by Rembrandt that was referenced in the teaching on the Prodigal’s older brother can be explored in two ways.  Henri Nouwen’s book, Return of the Prodigal Son is in paperback.  You can read excerpts and the customer reviews are many and detailed. Also an Itunes version of audio teaching by Nouwen several years ago is well worth the $15.00.  Go to Itunes under audio books and put in the title.

I encourage you to listen to God’s voice as he calls us to face our resentments.  I even more convinced that it is a huge elephant that defeats countless numbers of people inside and outside of the Christian Community!


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