“So You Want To Change The World?”

August 21, 2007 — Leave a comment


What will it look like to mobilize the full potential of Christ Church? 

Here is the full schedule of Teachings and Events:

Sept. 16, Wk #1  The Jesus Creed – Loving God and Loving Neighbor cannot be separated. The Three Journeys. “Christ Church Discovery Expo” (sign-ups for Small Groups and Classes)

Sept. 23, Wk #2  The Joy of Repentance – Worship will be a Service of Prayer and Repentance. Week of Prayer. Congregational Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 29.  Opening of the new “Welcome Center.”   Childrens and Jr/Sr High classes begin.

Sept. 30, Oct 7, Wks #3 & #4  The Prayer That Changes The World – The Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for spiritual formation and reaching the world.

Oct. 14, Wk #5  Fasting For the World – Fasting is about more than food; God’s heart for the world’s needs.

Oct 21, Wk #6  Who IS My Neighbor? – The Good Samaritan revisited – The questions that will define us.

Oct. 28, Wk #7  Needed:  “GLOCAL” Churches – How to be the Church in a “Flat World” Why our mission is both LOCAL and GLOBAL.

Nov. 4, Wk # 8  SO – You Want to Change The World? – Next steps in mobilizing our full potential. 


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