The Bible as 6 Act Drama

January 14, 2007 — Leave a comment

We all have a need to increase our Biblical Literacy. This is more than knowledge for the head. It is part of the ongoing joy of spiritual formation – being transformed into the likeness of Christ. Fall and winter, 2006-07 is a major series to help us better see and understand God’s Big Picture – what we’re calling The Story We Find Ourselves In. The phrase is not original with me, but it captures the need to truly live in the Biblical story as a Compassionate Counter-cultural Community. We will teach the Bible as a Drama in Six Acts: Act 1 – Creation, Act 2 – “Fall” or Rebellion, Act 3 – Israel, Act 4 – Jesus, Act 5 – The Church, Acts 6 – The Renewal of all things.

A great book to study along with this series is one I used for the class I taught at URI – Biblical Thought.  The book  is The Drama Of Scripture. This link will take you to a helpful website where the authors have posted articles and resources to get the most from the book.


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